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Landfill Gas

We generate more energy from your landfill gas

If you are responsible for one or more landfills, environmental policies, sustainable prospects and the successful operation of the business are important parameters for all involved. In many closed and active landfills, additional yields can be realized by improving energy production from the environmentally harmful methane gas that develops during anaerobic fermentation. Considerable amounts of methane can be used to support the environment and generate yields in a sustainable manner. Green Gas can design, build and operate a customized turnkey solution to generate the cleanest energy. Together, we can identify and exploit business opportunities for landfill operators and waste management companies.

Green Gas designs, builds, invests and operates landfill gas projects to improve your environmental footprint by producing clean energy. Based on your project situation, we will prepare a customized quotation for the construction of a turnkey plant including all services or for the management of the entire project. The combination of your and our strengths leads to the best result so that you can concentrate on your core business.


Operation & Maintenance

We realize an optimal gas extraction and energy generation and thus maximize the benefit: Energy, heat and optional emission certificates. During operation, the Green Gas control room monitors all activities to ensure stable and successful operation.



Our know-how and knowledge lead to valuable results. We have a unique position and can also develop and operate energy projects on landfills with a low methane content (CH4 content below 30%).

Why we are the right partner….


Green Gas International is committed to better climate protection by converting harmful methane emissions into valuable energy. We have several decades of successful experience in the extraction, treatment, use and management of methane gas from various sources such as coal mines, landfills and biogas plants.


With a good 20 projects which we operate throughout Germany and a success story of almost 20 years in the industry, we are constantly expanding our project portfolio and thus helping our customers. Below you will find a selection of our portfolio. If you would like more information about these or other projects, please contact our team.

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