Green Gas Germany

Commitment to sustainability

Green Gas Germany is committed to better climate protection by converting harmful methane emissions into valuable energy.

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Solutions for
Coal Mine Gas

We generate more energy from your mine gas

Coal mines contain significant amounts of environmentally harmful and hazardous methane (CH4). Methane (CH4) is a natural resource that can pollute the environment, but also offers excellent opportunities for transformation into a sustainable and future-proof energy source.

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Solutions for
Landfill Gas

Our know-how in landfill gas – your advantage

If you are responsible for one or more landfills, environmental policies, sustainable prospects and the successful operation of the business are important parameters for all involved. In many closed and active landfills, additional yields can be achieved by improving energy production from the environmentally harmful methane gas that develops during anaerobic fermentation.

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Solutions for
Low-Calorific Gas

Low-calorific gas – clean energy. We participate

Take advantage of our experience with low calorific gas. For many years we have been running projects for the motor utilisation of methane concentrations below 30% on landfills or even below 20% on mine gas sites. You can also use this experience to your advantage within the framework of a cooperation.

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Engagement in more than 20 projects

With 20 projects that we operate throughout Germany and a success story of almost 20 years in the industry, we are constantly expanding our project portfolio and thus helping our customers. Below you will find a selection of our portfolio. If you would like further information on these or other projects, please contact our commercial team.

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Get the energy.

Green Gas Germany is committed to better climate protection by converting harmful methane emissions into valuable energy. We have several decades of successful experience in the extraction, treatment, use and management of methane gas from various sources such as coal mines and landfills.

The valuable experience of using many different qualities of methane gas and converting it into the most suitable form of energy (electricity, heat or fuels) is a clear advantage. This allows us to profitably use difficult gas sources and convert gas into future-proof energy and clean fuels.

Green Gas offers operators of mines and landfills a sound, integrated and economically attractive solution for the management and use of gas. We thus offer a complete solution from gas collection, project management, procurement, operation and maintenance. In addition to improving site productivity and safety, we develop new and clean power and heat sources and eliminate a harmful greenhouse gas.

We develop sustainable energy projects using the latest technology to minimize environmental impact. The strong increase in global demand for renewable energy sources provides an excellent environment for Green Gas to further expand its activities.

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